Buy Less, Borrow More

How often do I really use my hammer? Or my blender? Truth is not often. 

Why do I buy all this stuff and stick it in my closets and cupboards anyway? Sooner or later, it all becomes junk. The truth is that consumerism ultimately drives all the waste we generate– in the U.S. that is 230 million tons of solid waste per year, or 4.6 pounds per person per day.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, right? I’d rather use (and spend) less and just borrow the hammer on the rare occasion I have a new picture to hang. And, hopefully, return the favor some day.

All this is to share with you a new venture called OhSoWe which helps local groups share things or knowledge (as in, how to use a thing). I first learned of them  in this article “Sell Less, Share More“.

Why would you lend your hammer to someone random from the Internet? Perhaps you wouldn’t. But this isn’t exactly the case with OhSoWe. You start your group (or maybe register existing one, like a Google group you already manage), invite your members (or join), and start sharing. You can also join as an individual, then find a local group.

I registered and started a group called ATX 78704 (Austin, Texas 78704) looking for people in my neighborhood. I’ll keep you posted on whether or not it takes off.

What do you say? Is OhSoWe something you would do?


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