Twitter is the new SMS is the new e-mail

Whether you’re a novice or an old salt, online branding and social media tools are constantly changing. It’s daily process and a challenge to keep up with!

It’s good to go back to the basics as things evolve– as with Facebook’s timeline, for example. For a nice introduction to the social media landscape, click on the image to the left. I’m sharing a handful or two of links to tips below.(Maybe it’s just me, but I hate the FB timeline.)

Let’s see what others are recommending…. I can’t vouch for whether this information is what you need at this moment, but it is sure to get you (re)thinking your online strategy.

What’s the “value” of a connection on LinkedIn?

Can you tell a story on Twitter in under 14o characters?

Do you love or hate the Facebook timeline?  (More importantly, do you know what to do with it?)

Got a link to a good tip?? Share it here in the comments!

Some resources for leveraging social media:



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