Five Penny-Wise Reasons to Outsource Translation

1. Your company’s time and money are valuable.

grayscale photo of man looking at his watchCompany money is better spent outsourcing to a translation professional than it would be paying mid- to senior-level management to direct attention away from high-value responsibilities to perform tasks outside their job description.

An hour of the translator’s time will cost less and produce more translation than will an hour of managerial time.

2. You need to know what you’re getting.

antique book hand knowledgeTranslation, like car sales, isn’t always a transparent process: a purchaser (who doesn’t speak the target language) may not know whether he or she has received a quality product.

How do you know if you received value for your money? Quality Assurance. An experienced translator responds to any questions and vets the product quality you’re paying for and deserve.

3. You have high standards.

Translation industry standards establish ethics, reduce risk, and maximize quality (in other words, your return on investment). One lesser-known standard outside the profession is: one should translate into his or her native language. That’s important, because you want the translation to be as fluent and fluid as possible.

Translators strive to be invisible. The final document shouldn’t be detectable as a translation; rather, it should read as a stand-alone communication.

4. A top-notch translator adds value to all your communications.

Translators may offer editorial and/or copyediting support in the original language, as needed. Furthermore, transition to another culture and second language may affect both writing style (such as sentence length or pronoun use) and editorial standards (quotations or footnote placement, for example).

Translators, like writers, consider “register,” the verbiage appropriate for a new target audience and document’s intended purpose. The best translators, by definition, are also highly proficient writers and editors.

5. Your organization’s reputation is priceless.


Ultimately, this is your baby. Just as the original, the translated document will display the company logo and author’s byline or signature.

Translation is corporate communication and, therefore, should be the product of collaboration with a professional to capture nuances in meaning, reflect a style and tone consistent with organizational culture, and effectively convey the message in a manner that best represents the company.

For all these reasons, contracting the best professional translator for your company’s communication needs is both time and money well-spent.

Contact us to learn more about how to best meet your translation needs!


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