From Julie’s LinkedIn profile:

As Principal and Consultant at The Global Good

Julie is an excellent professional, whose work is exemplified by the scientific rigor with which it is approached. Julie’s dedication ensures valuable results that go far beyond the letter of the contract. When I work with her, I know that I am going to obtain quality products that surpass the expectations and needs of my clients.

Julie has collaborated with Fundación Avina on various occasions as a researcher on topics related to philanthropy in Latin America.” April 7, 2012 (translated from the original comment in Spanish)

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

~Alberto Omella hired Julie as a researcher in 2009, and hired Julie more than once.


One of the best aspects of my current job is the opportunity to work with Julie Nordskog and her team at The Global Good. Their work (translating our company newsletters into Spanish) was consistently accurate, provided in a timely fashion and in a format that made it easy to adapt to our newsletter style.

While Julie is a consummate professional, on a more human level, she was a joy to work with. Because we interacted almost daily, I came to rely on her sense of humor to cope with the occasional absurdities of the workplace.

I would recommend Julie and The Global Good without hesitation!” April 5, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

~Steve Konick hired Julie as a Translation in 2008, and hired Julie more than once.


Julie is an amazing resource when it comes to accurately translating key business communications including documents, marketing communications and websites into Portuguese and Spanish. She has significant background at dealing in both languages at the highest academic and business levels.

She is the best at what she does, a true professional and an amazing friend. She has earned my highest respect.” October 27, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

~Peter Strople hired Julie as a Writer/Editor in 2007, and hired Julie more than once.


As Program Coordinator at the Brazil Center

I worked with Julie to coordinate international exchange student programs and was impressed with her diligence and dedication to the students and faculty. She had a great amount of responsibility and did an excellent job in coordinating academic, student affairs and on-the-ground logistics.

I was impressed with how quickly she learned about how to manage the complex set of challenges that study abroad in Brazil presents to U.S. higher education administrators.” April 4, 2012

~ Helena Wilkins, Program Coordinator, The University of Texas at Austin, worked with Julie at Brazil Center, Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Texas at Austin.


As Project Analyst at the AVINA Foundation

Julie is an excellent analyst and project lead who is able to effectively engage those under her guidance to produce quality research. She communicates her vision while also establishing clear criteria for the minutiae of day-to-day operations. She is adept at grasping what her clients’ priorities are and incorporating her own expertise to improve deliverables.” August 12, 2011

~Lindsay Adams, Consultant, AVINA was with another company when working with Julie at AVINA Foundation.


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