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The Power of Bill Gates

Let me qualify this post by saying that I am posing a question, not an outright criticism.

But I can’t help but wonder…who is Bill Gates and how is he is changing the face of the world not only with his money but also with his opinions on development policy and his access to world leaders?

Gates is a famous businessman (formerly the world’s richest) and, since 2006, a full-time  philanthropist.  And, thinking about it, this is one powerful guy.

Yesterday, February 24th, Gates committed $200 million dollars to helping small farmers in developing regions. Continue reading


Eating chocolate without the guilt

Where does your  chocolate come from?

Many cocoa plantations supplying major chocolate companies– Hershey’s, for example–  have been known to use child and slave labor. How can we distinguish “good” chocolate from the bad?

A Fair Trade label tells you that… Continue reading