The Global Good is Catching On

Today, September 24, the UN Foundation launched the Global Good Challenge. The challenge provides incentive, the chance to win prizes, to use social media to support and raise awareness of selected UN Foundation’s causes. (Note: Great name! But there is no affiliation between the challenge and TGG.)

Please, take a moment to sign on. By “playing” you are donating your voice for the global good. Causes include: Nothing But Nets, to fight malaria; Girl Up for the empowerment of girls; and Shot@life to provide vaccination protecting children from preventable diseases.

I’m a follower of the UN Foundation and, of course, it’s not about the prizes. I’m guessing it’s possible to donate any prizes back to the foundation.

On a side note, let’s get down to “the global good”, as some longtime colleagues may be wondering. I know I’ve thought about it a great deal. The Global Good has been my DBA since 2006, and these words have become a catch phrase of late. (I know because I have had a standing Google News search on the phrase for many months. Because of this, I’ve learned about some fantastic initiatives.)

Actually, I’m thrilled to see it. What matter are the sentiment and intention behind the words “the global good”. I have never been in better company. Everyone using the phrase, including myself, hold similar values. We believe in acting as global citizens and working together to make the world a better place. Correct me if I’m wrong.




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  1. Thank you so much for your support… you are wonderful!


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