A whole lot of people are giving online.

What a difference a decade makes! Network for Good released a survey results tracking the growth of online giving. Here are two impressive data points:

  • Only 4% of donors gave online in 2000.  In 2011, that figure was 65%.
  • A mere $3 million dollars in online donations in 2000 had grown to $140 million in 2011.

Have you donated money online? Do you prefer to donate online or by some other means?

Click below to see the image re-published by The Chronicle for Social Philanthropy.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I am much more likely to donate online if it means not getting out of my seat! Who wants to write a check, find an envelope, and find a stamp? I also find out through social media about organizations that need my money, and they post a direct link to the donation site. Easy as pie.


  2. Hi, Portiaz. I, too, am more likely to donate online. In addition to the convenience, it also empowers me to donate the amount I can afford to the organization I want to support, without a hard sell. For example, I’ll hear about the local public radio’s donation drive on the radio. But I never call in to donate over the phone. I go to the website.


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